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Barbour Re-waxing 

Re-waxing is the process that will maintain the exceptional quality of your Barbour jacket. 

By re-waxing at regular intervals, depending on use, your jacket will remain waterproof, windproof and functional for many years. 

We offer a unique skill and service. We have many years of expertise in waxed fabrics, re-waxing and garment waterproofing. 

We undertake to clean, wax and treat your favorite Barbour so that it will be a functional companion for many years of use. 

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Dry Cleaning

High quality dry cleaning is our most distinctive service. It is a combination of many years of expertise with quality work, unparalleled care, latest generation machines and environmentally friendly solvents. Choose "Gorgopotamos" dry cleaners as your dry cleaning specialist to keep your clothes and accessories in excellent condition. 

Wedding - Christening

Wedding dresses, wedding & christening garments are precious and deserve expert attention and care to ensure they are kept in pristine condition for many generations. 


Evening Wear

Keep the feeling of luxury in your clothes, thanks to the most advanced cleaning & care methods we have. We have the know-how and the right equipment to handle the most complex designer garments & delicate fabrics. 

Leather Cleaning - Suede - Fur

Cleaning leather, suede and fur is a special process that requires attention and appropriate products for the type of material. 

Consult us as a leather care expert. 

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Household Items (quilts - curtains)

At "Gorgopotamos" dry cleaners we provide complete & reliable solutions for cleaning all household fabrics. quilts, blankets & bedclothes are washed individually in washing machines with hypoallergenic detergents & softeners. For curtains, sofa covers & furniture fabrics, we provide advanced cleaning techniques to remove odors, stains, dust and maintain their original shine. 

Carpet Cleaning

Standard biological cleaning of machine, handmade, woven, tufted, kilims, hand tufted and mats. 

Antimicrobial shake and disinfection with standard materials. 

Deep washing of all carpets without sensitive pile or colors with anti-allergenic import detergents. 

Dry cleaning with spray extraction or foam or dry cleaning (Dry cleaning) for all carpets with sensitive pile or colors (handmade, silk, leather, etc.) 

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Cloth Dye - Repairs

Dyeing clothes is a process that can be done either to refresh the color of a faded garment, or to give a completely new aesthetic to a garment. 

Cleaning - Waterproofing of Technical Clothing

Technical garments often require special care due to their materials and functions. Whether it's sportswear, windbreakers, waterproof jackets or other technical clothing items they may require special cleaning and waterproofing methods 

“Textiles are for girls, materials are for boys__ how Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er is crossi
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Shoe Cleaning

Shoe cleaning regardless of material and type. Exterior - interior cleaning of sports, leather, fabric shoes 

Professional Laundry

Professional washing is an excellent choice for clothes that require special care. Our dry cleaners have professional water and wet cleaning washers to take care of and give your clothes their original shine and freshness. 

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Ironing is an important factor in the garment care process and can give a finished and well-groomed appearance. 

We provide a uniform and professional finish to your clothes. 

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